About Us

The Citizens Advisory Board came into existence with the passing of Referendum 2X by the citizens of Sterling, Colorado on November 1, 2011.  The passage of Referendum 2X created:

(1)  A city-wide hotel tax of 5 percent, the revenues of which are to be spent “only for the purpose of promoting tourism, conventions and community beautification”;

(2) A fund separate from the city’s general fund to hold the collected hotel taxes until they are spent;

(3)  An advisory board, which members shall be appointed by City Council, to make recommendations to the City Council concerning the specific use of hotel tax revenues consistent with the purpose of those revenues;

The Citizens Advisory Board is the advisory board created by the passing of Referendum 2X.   Sterling City Council is in-process of appointing a new board.  Interested city residents need to apply to the City of Sterling  Board Application  . For more information, please contact the City  at (970) 522-9700.

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